Dairy Unit

The estate has started a well-planned “Dairy Farm” having comfortable accommodation facility for around 70-80 bovines. The “Deshi” Cows have been brought from Gir, Gujrat which is considered to be the best species available in the country as its Milk, Urine and Cow-dung are replete with tremendous medicinal Properties. The Dairy Firm is also generating employment for the educated and eligible dependents of the permanent garden worker. The Dairy Firm is spread over an area 0.75 acres inside the Tea Estate where we produce Milk and Ghee in one of the well-known varieties among the humped category of cattle breed in India is "Gir Cow". This breed is native to India and belongs to Kathiawar region located in Gujarat. Gir breed of cow is reared in many other states in the country and is known by many other names such as Sorthi, Surti, Bhodali, Desan among others. Known for its adaptability and milk production, this cow breed is reared by the tribes of the Gujarat state. This breed is pure and is one of the oldest found in India.