Our Growth Story

Since the Garden retains many of the British legacies: - Old record regarding Land Lease are as follows: -

In the mid-seventies, the ownership of the garden went to an Indian entrepreneur. But due to Sluggish Plantation development works over a very long period of time, the production dropped alarmingly making it a “Sick” property which ultimately led to its disposal.

The Present Owner Mr. Hariram Garg took over the reins in August, 2014 and from “Day-one” started putting his invigorating efforts to bring back the economic viability by way of massive investments in all spheres while at the same time taking a keen interest in the welfare of the workers. The garden has witnessed the following development activities in slightly over 6 % years’ time.

136.68 ha. Tea area which had become very old and unproductive and and failed to produce crop to the desired level have been uprooted and replanted with high yielding and quality planting materials. Besides, 8.25 ha. Of fallow and virgin land has been brought under extension planting.

To Improve the inadequate irrigation facility the existed earlier and in order to extend it in more tea areas, a new irrigation project with 2 unit covering as area of 195.26 Ha. has been successfully implemented in 2016-17 at huge investment of 1.50 Crores. This was most essential in view of rapid change in the climatic conditions and recurring droughts in recent years The result is already visible as would be substantiated from the following production figures: -

A Vermi Compost Project with a yearly productions capacity approx. 500 MT has been started in 2016-17 which is perhaps the biggest non-commercial project in the entire Dooars Tea Region.

As part of its Labour Welfare programme, the management has constructed a majestic workers club and a vocational Training Centre for the Workers and their wards which was inaugurated on 28.10.2017 by the legendry film personality and “Dada Sahab Falke Awardswinner Actor late Soumitra Chhatterjee. Management of Indong Tea Estate strongly belives that the core assets of Garden are its workforce and therefore, the welfare and needs of the labour force is always foremost in mind.

Recognition: Since past several years, “Indong GoldTea has been fetching highest prices every year breaking its own record of the Previous Year. Till 2020, it had achieved the highest price for CTC Category in West Bengal. Sale held on 22.12.2021, Indong Tea fetched Rs. 1151/- Per KG which is the highest Price in Auctions for CTC Tea in whole Country till date.

With the active and conscientious effort of all concerned associated with Indong Tea Estate, the Garden is heading towards making itself a live, vibrant and economically Sound Property of North Bengal in year ahead.

Owing to notification dated 28/11/2019 by Land & land Reform & refugee Relief & Rehabilitation Department, Government of West Bengal, in the matter of Tea Tourism and allied Business Policy, 2019, the company is allowed to utilize 15% of the total grant area subject to 150 Acres for tourism and allied business activities. In order to promote and grab the opportunity in the Tea Tourism Policy, the object clause in MOA has included the same in the Tea Garden which includes Tea Tourism, Eduactional Instititions, Medical, College, Animal Husbandry, Hydro Power Non-convertible energy resources, social infrastructure and services.

The proposed additional activities can conveniently and advantageously be combined with the present activities of the company. This will also enlarge the area of operations of the Company.